On this page we catalogue all the bits that we want to do in the future, but haven’t got around to yet. Feel free to suggest things for us to look at!

Inequity Index – one thing that interests us is looking at the extent to which funding is allocated in an equitable (or inequitable!) way. We’re thinking of coming up with a way of measuring how inequitable a sector is across contexts. As an example, one sector may have funding requirements met at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% across different contexts. This is obviously more unequal than a sector with all funding requirements at 50% met. If we can put a number on this, we can benchmark it against other sectors, as well as over time.

Recessions Page this story conceptualises what a humanitarian recession is. We want to expand this out a bit, with a separate, dedicated page that makes the data easily accessible, as well as broadening the analysis to look at recessions over time. At the moment it’s possible to look at recessions on the sector pages, but at some point we’ll put it all one page for easy access.

Context Pages – instead of just looking at humanitarian sectors, we’re thinking about how we could potentially expand this out to look at individual contexts (e.g. Mali, Afghanistan, Venezuela etc.). But, we’re still in the preliminary phase about thinking about how we can do this.